Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chaco Bar in Sydney, Australia

Chaco Bar

Sydney is no stranger to Japanese food, and Chaco Bar, in the Darlinghurst area, fills the yakitori gap nicely. Or so I've heard. Lucky for the ramen nerds, this yakitori spot serves up a limited number of ramen bowls for lunch Wednesday through Saturday.

In true Japanese fashion, they offer limited bowls alongside their standard shoyu, shio, scallop, and spicy version.

The Fat Soy is named so because of the addition of seabura, pork back fat. I rarely see this stuff outside of Japan, which is a shame. Silky-smooth globs of fat are never a bad thing.

Of course, you can get the bowl with less, or even no fat if you like, but who would do that?

Thick chashu, solid egg. This bowl is pretty much what you'll get at a decent shop in Tokyo.

The interior tavern vibe is a bonus.


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