Thursday, June 28, 2018

麺や葵 (Aoi in Nippori)


Aoi was a quick plan B for a group tour I was leading. Many of Tokyo's best shops close randomly and without warning, much to the dismay of a tour guide. Thankfully, Aoi was open.

Oh, great. The famous 厚切りジェイソン came here. Atsugiri Jason is an American TV talent in Japan. I have a long story about why I hate this guy (nothing personal!). The short version is that I did a TV gig and they kept saying I look like him. At the time I had never heard of him, so the whole gag was a flop. I looked like an idiot in front of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and Yoshiki from X-Japan.

It's a standard tonkotsu gyokai, meaning they cook pork and chicken overnight, and then hit it with plenty of dried fish in the morning. Aoi uses  (skipjack tuna), サバ (mackerel), and 煮干(dried sardine).

Good stuff. I #crushedit for sure this time.

But seeing that autograph on the wall brought back a bitter memory.

(I kid, but it was a strange experience nonetheless.)