Thursday, May 10, 2018

一笑 (Issho in Asagaya)



Fun, local shop!


I do, too. I need a noodle to keep me happy.


There's a bit of kabuki involved here. First, get the ramen in the upper left. Then choose how you want it. The yellow buttons in the middle are all different bowls of toppings. I'll break them down.

プレーン - Plain (boooooring!)
スタベジ - Stamina-style with extra garlic
カラベジ - Spicy style
シビベジ - Numbing style
トマベジ - Tomato Style
すっぱベジ - sour (Thai) style
ウオベジ - Fishy style
ブラベジ - Fatty style


I went with the Thai style, which has a copious amount of lemongrass and cilantro. Blurred in the back is the spicy style, topped with red chili powder and fried garlic.


The soup itself is a heavy pork based broth, filled with medium noodles. It was quality, though I was fussing over the huge variety of topping bowls and didn't really savor the soup as I probably should have. Gotta go back. Gotta try a few more.


And how awesome is this.


Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Asagayaminami 1-9-5
2 minute walk from Minami Asagaya Station

Open 11:00-16:00
Closed Wednesdays