Thursday, May 3, 2018

八ちゃん (Hacchan in Fukuoka)

太宰府八ちゃんラーメン 本店


As my trips to Fukuoka become more frequent, I find that the ramen hunt is getting tougher and tougher. Sure, Fukuoka proper has hundreds of shops to check out, but the real gems, the ones that come as recommendations from the ramen nerds I listen to most, those shops require some train time.


Hacchan is near Tofuro-mae Station, about 30 minutes by train from Hakata. Looking at the name, I thought it might reference a massive tower (楼) of tofu (豆腐), but actually just refers to an old lookout (都府楼). A quick bit of route talk; don't board any kind of express train.


Ramen, ramen with extra chashu (sold out), and fried rice. That's all you can order. That's always a good sign.


Completely, unequivocally solid tonkotsu ramen.


Hacchan is more on the rough, gritty side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, the extra chashu option was sold out (this is a common occurrence at shops with amazing pork), so only two slices of the stuff was served as a topping.


Although the shop is out of the way, it is on the line leading to Dazaifu (太宰府), an amazing temple complex in the area. Dazaifu is also home of one of Japan's most famous Starbucks. Enjoy!


Fukuoka-ken, Dazaifu-shi, Kokubu 1-1-38
15 minute walk from Mizuki Station

Open 11:00-14:30, 18:30-23:30
Closed Tuesdays and Sundays