Monday, April 16, 2018

華漸 (Kazen in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture)

がんこラーメン 華漸 -KAZEN-


Welcome to Tottori Prefecture.

Tottori is located northeast of Osaka, and northwest of Hiroshima. The key here is north, and this makes the prefecture an out-of-the-way destination that few people visit.

It is a beautiful, quite part of Japan, though, and they even have their own style of ramen. Beef bone broth is big here, and shops scattered around the prefecture all have their own take on the concept.


Kazen in the populous town of Yonago (relatively populous) does a morning ramen from around 7:00am. Drop a single coin, just 500 yen, and start your day right.


The master is using a light beef bone broth, and mixing it with shijimi clams, one of the famous products from nearby Lake Shinji.


Noodles are made in house by the master, Tadahiro Yoshida.


Notice that bone hanging outside? Ramen nerds will know that as the calling card of Ganko. Most of the shops in this family proudly display the bovine femur.


In line with the Ganko lineage, Kazen uses beef, pork, and chicken in the broth. Yoshida-san puts his own spin on the bowl with a different style of noodles, and the morning ramen thing is his own as well.


This bowl was one of the best things I've eaten before 10am. Just enough to get me going for the day of motorcycle riding ahead. Hints of shijimi clams (he makes a separate clam seasoning liquid) and a perfect egg.

Take note that the shops stops serving the morning ramen at 10am, and closes at 2pm.


This is part of a motorcycle trip I took in 2017. Check it out here:

Official site here.


Tottori-ken, Yonago-shi, Hatagasaki 2-13-29
20 minute walk from Goto Station

Open 7:00-14:00 (the menu changes at 10:00am)