Thursday, April 26, 2018

香味徳 由良 (Kamitokuyura in Tottori Prefecture)

香味徳 由良


The only research I really did for this trip was to ask about ramen shops. Enter the address into the GPS, and ride. Whatever I come across is part of the adventure. When I arrived at this famous beef bone ramen shop somewhere in the middle of Tottori Prefecture, this is what I found.


It's Conan! Conan is a famous character from a series of manga comics called Detective Conan, written by Tottori native Gosho Aoyama. He's a young guy who solves crimes with the use of a voice-transforming bow tie. The plot is much deeper than that, and the series has over 90 volumes.


Having never read any Detective Conan, I can't say whether tasty local ramen graces the pages.


The shop serves up nothing other than this. Beautiful, clear soup made with beef bones. In Tokyo, all of the successful beef bone ramen shops are more on the gourmet side, so it is really wonderful to try something so basic. They don't source their bones from some artisinal ranch and they don't serve it topped with a lightly blanched slice of A5 wagyu. This is comfort food ramen to the core.


Crushed it!


This is part of a motorcycle trip I took in 2017. Check it out here:


Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Hokuei-cho, Yurashuku 801
2 minute walk from Yura Station

Open 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00
Closed Mondays