Thursday, April 19, 2018

かみあり (Kamiari in Shimane Prefecture)



The search for the best ramen in Shimane Prefecture was over after the first bowl. The odds of anyone topping this one are slim to none. Just give them the prize!


Shimane is a strange prefecture. It could be Japan's longest prefecture, stretching over 200km along the Sea of Japan. Despite the size, the east side is where most tourism happens, with Izumo Shrine as a dream destination of singles everywhere. Visit, make an offering, and love is sure to come your way.

The above photo is from the stunning Adachi Museum of Art, with an award winning garden and rotating collection of Japanese art.


If you love ramen and motorcycles, you're in luck.


Kamiari. This shop was highly recommended by those in the know. Seafood is the theme.



Shijimi shio. Hamaguri shoyu. Ebi miso. Gyokai noko.

Freshwater clam salt. Saltwater clam soy sauce. Shrimp miso. Thick dried fish.


And homemade noodles. It was tough to decide, but I felt confident with the miso this time.


Thick soup made with shrimp, topped with an aromatic shrimp oil for even more of an impact.


They also have limited bowls. In the summer, a sea urchin tsukemen looks like a winner. I'm still happy with my shrimp miso.

I love the onomatopoeia.

ゴロゴロ - heavy?
ザクザク - rough?


Of course, further research showed that the shijimi, a kind of local freshwater clam, was the most popular. Well, the most Instagramable at least, with the マシマシ version overflowing with the tiny clams.

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Next time.


And I was obviously being facetious when I said that this is the best in the prefecture. They are actually somewhere in the 20s on the ramen database (here), which is shocking to me. That database, though, is a little wishy washy in the countryside.

This is part of a motorcycle trip I took in 2017. Check it out here:


Shimane-ken, Izumo-shi, Hikawachogakuto 1815-1
15 minute walk from Shobara Station

Open 11:00-15:00
Closed Thursdays