Monday, March 5, 2018

桃花 (Momohana in Nijima)



I don't call this site Ramen Adventures for nothing!


This is Chuka Momohana, on the semi-remote island of Niijima. Niijima isn't easy to get to. The quickest way for a layman would be to get to Shimoda at the bottom of the Izu Peninsula, and take a three hour ferry. That would be half a day's journey from central Tokyo.


Or, get seriously hooked up by a friend.


A buddy of mine has his pilot license, and is trying to get hours under his belt. All part of a master plan to transition into the lucrative world of a major airline pilot.


I'm happy to sit in the back seat while he does his thing.


Goodbye Mt. Fuji.


Hello, Niijima.


Niijima was, in the bubble days, the ultimate destination for Tokyoites. A Japanese friend of mine talks about his high school days, heading down there on the weekends to surf and party without a care. Those days are long gone, and Niijima is a bit of a ghost island. Granted this was in the colder month of October, but the place was dead.


Momohana serves up a few different bowls, as well as fried rice. Everything was tasty. I can't recommend a journey just for this bowl, but if you find yourself here, they may well be the only place open, so come in for a quick bowl.


Be sure to rent a bicycle and hit up as much of the island as you can. In just a few hours we visited this secluded beach.


A local glass museum.


And a free hot spring overlooking the ocean. What a magical place.


With our own plane, a little detour on the way home was in order.



Thanks again, bro! I proposed visiting every island in the chain of Izu islands. Often called the Izu Seven (伊豆七島), these islands are under the administration of Tokyo, but pretty much lie outside of big city life. See you and that Cessna 172M again soon!


Tokyo, Nijima-mura, Kawara 204
20 minute walk from Mijima Airport

Open 11:30-19:30
Closed Mondays