Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tombo in Kichijoji



Those in the know are no stranger to Saikoro, the ramen shop in Nakano. One of Tokyo's most famous shops, they have nurtured a few chefs on their journey to opening ramen shops of their own.


Naoki-san had been working at Saikoro for who knows how long, and it was great to visit his new restaurant a day before they opened for service.

Tombo means dragonfly, for your information.


I love seeing a shiny new shop.


The menu will be no surprise to any fans of Saikoro; shoyu or shio based niboshi ramen, with some tsukemen options as well. Deep flavors in a simple bowl.


If you are a fan of this style, Tombo is a must hit. The location is a short walk from Kichijoji Station, along a road that is surprisingly lacking in ramen (in about a 500 meter radius at least).


Some touches, like a little fried onion in the soup, remind me of where this came from, while the pork, cut thick and fatty, are new. Overall a fantastic bowl.


I checked their Instagram page, and it looks like you can expect random limited bowls like miso or katsuo shoyu to be making appearances on a regular basis.


Best of luck!


Tokyo, Mushashino-shi, Kichijoji Nancho 4-16-12
Closest station: Kichijoji

Open 11:30-14:30, 17:30-21:00
Closed Wednesdays