Thursday, December 28, 2017

浅月 (Satsuki in Okayama)



Anytime I hear about a shop that opened in the 昭和 (Showa era 1926 - 1989), I have to try it. Satsuki is 昭和23, aka 1948. Fantastic.


From father to son, this is a local legend of a shop.


Autographs from famous people of yesteryear, yellowing in the shop.


And an amazing bowl of chukasoba.


Wow, wow, wow. With newer shops going all out in the ingredients department, it is still good to eat a classic bowl like this. Ramen has definitely become gourmet, especially in Tokyo, but the roots are in inexpensive comfort food, often made from bone scraps and cheap rationed wheat flour. Slurping a bowl like this helps us understand why ramen became a staple food in Japan.


Looking back at my personal ramen journey, I was surprised to see that this shop was only a few minutes walk from the company dormitory that I stayed at when I first arrived in Japan more than 11 years ago. At the time, our boss recommended a terrible 180 yen ramen place next to the station. I slurped with my new coworkers, and no one really enjoyed it. It took a few years before I had a bowl I really loved. If he had told me about this spot, my ramen adventures would have started much earlier.


The locals know what's up!


Okayama-ken, Okayama-shi, Kita-ku, Hokancho 2-5-25
5 minute walk from Okayama Station

Open 10:30-21:00
Closed Wednesdays