Thursday, December 14, 2017

ラーメン無法松 (Muhomatsu in Kokura, Fukuoka)



Another one off my 2016 行きたい list! Muhomatsu is in Kokura, a city in the north of Kyushu. An industrial city that few tourists really need to visit.


Negikara, standard, and a limited bowl with thick cut pork are the three to try. I went with the standard, called fittingly muhomatsu ramen.


Even though the shop was relatively empty when I came, I have heard that they often run out of soup early on in the day. Please keep that in mind.


The soup is more of a clear tonkotsu broth. Made with three kinds of pork, it is full of flavor, but a bit easier to crush than a thicker, stinkier bowl that you usually find in the area. It's also topped with both pork belly and shoulder, for both fatty and lean cuts of chashu.


The freshly sliced stalks of spring onion and a little spicy sauce balance the whole thing out.


I didn't want to waste any of this unique soup.


Kaedama, of course. I usually avoid the extra serving of noodles, as there is probably another shop in the area to go to, but I couldn't see anything worth hitting up.


FYI, here is that list, the Top 50 from Tabelog.

I can easily get to the one in Chiba, but the other two in Kyushu are proving difficult. Countryside locations, odd hours, and the need to rent a car. Maybe in 2018!


Fukuoka-ken, Kitakyushu, Kokurakitaku, Kantake 2-10-24
30 minute walk from Kokura Station

Open 11:00-22:00
Closed Wednesdays