Thursday, November 2, 2017

銀星 (Ginboshi in Koenji)

煮干し中華そば 麺屋 銀星 高円寺


Niboshi, niboshi, niboshi. The stuff is everywhere, and a big difference in what makes craft Japanese ramen so great. Chefs have access to a wide variety of 煮干, dried baby sardines, as well as other dried fish that give ramen that smoky, umami backdrop of flavor.


Niboshi also makes ramen thick, and shops like Ginboshi match a thick soup with dried fish for some noko ramen that really sticks to your ribs.


Like many other shops in this category, they have noko, thick, up on the top of the ticket machine, and a lighter one below. Not everyone likes their ramen soup to resemble a sauce.


I'll take sauce-level any day. Speaking of sauce, niboshi ramen goes very well with additional flavored oils. Here at Ginboshi they have homemade garlic oil and homemade niboshi oil. Eat about a third of your bowl, and then flavor away.


I wasn't blown away by this one, but I think on a cold winter's day it would hit the spot if I lived in the neighborhood.


Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Koenji Minami 4-7-1
Closest station: Koenji

Open 11:30-16:00, 17:30-3:00am
Sunday 11:30-17:00

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