Monday, November 6, 2017

永斗麺 (Eight Men in Shibuya)



The idea of using left over fish parts to make soup is nothing new, but it is a surprisingly under-utilized practice. Tons of bones go into the trash. What a waste!


Well, you can always use those bones to make ramen!


Eight Men (pronounced ay-toh-men) hails from Hiroshima, where their sanma ramen stands out among the soupless tantanmen and tsukemen that define Hiroshima ramen. This shop in Shibuya (which has hence moved to Ikebukuro) aims to bring that taste over.


Very stylish interior, which makes sense when you look at the area. The few blocks around the shop are a mecca of Tokyo fashion. Good design goes a long ways.

The ramen here can be ordered straight, or with flavors of shrimp or scallop. I went straight, as it was the first time. A very thick, fishy soup. I felt that this bowl was a bit out of place with in the fashion capitol of Tokyo, and their new spot in Ikebukuro is a better match for fish lovers.


From their website, they have a mantra of kodawari. Here is my interpretation.

一. 一杯入魂
We put our hearts into every bowl
一. 厳選した食材以外は使用いたしません
Every ingredient is thought about
一. 女性に優しいらーめんを提供いたします
The ladies love us!
一. 味に妥協はいたしません
No compromises when it comes to taste
一. お客様の「美味かった!」を目指します
We aim to hear everyone say "Delicious"
一. 味に負けない笑顔で接客いたします
Smiling faces
一. 常に進化し続けます
Constantly improving
一. 世界一美味しいらーめんを目指します
We aim to be the best in the world. Fight!


Official site here.


Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashiikebukuro 1-23-8
Closest station: Ikebukuro

Open 11:00-23:00

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Ralph Carpenter said...

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