Thursday, November 30, 2017

アートマサシヤ (Art Masashiya in Shibuya)



This one comes as a recommendation from a sushi shop that was a recommendation from a ramen shop. Funny how these things work.


Located just up the hill from Shibuya Station, the location is prime.


It seems like there has been a shop here for some time. Before being a ramen shop, this was an old school Japanese kisaten, or coffee shop. Think coffee and cigarettes.


This ramen shop's mantra has to do with minerals. For a healthy diet, we should be consuming quality food that is high in minerals. While many chain shops and convenience stores stock food low in minerals, Art Masashiya prides themselves on a mineral-rich bowl of ramen.


旨口 - a balanced soup
濃口 - a bolder soup

Your choice.


All natural ingredients, including some deep shoyu from Shodoshima, one of Japan's most famous (and remote) soy sauce producing regions.

The fried egg triangle makes this photo instantly recognizable to this shop.

And keep in mind this is a lunch only spot.


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Nanpeidaicho 2-8
Closest station: Shibuya

Open 11:30-15:00
Closed Wednesdays

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