Thursday, October 5, 2017

一点張 (Itenbari in Akasaka)



Someone recommended this miso spot in Akasaka to me. Foreigners often confuse Akasaka with Asakusa. The later is a famous part of town that no first-visit to Japan should be without. Temples, history, and shopping streets full of Edo-era treasures. The former is a business district. Offices, crowds of men in black suits, and one of Japan's few branches of Hooters. Suffice to say, most people don't have much need to visit Akasaka.


This miso ramen stands out from other shops by blending pork soup with a gyokai soup made from dried fish. Uniqueness is a virtue.


They also have a more straight miso and a spicy miso. A simple menu for the lunch crowds.


A blend of Hokkaido and Tokyo?


Sure, you could say that.


I should note that they are open until 3:40 in the morning. An odd hour, but late enough that if you were in nearby Roppongi and had a miso craving you could head this way.


Or maybe Akasaka ends up being an amazing neighborhood, and the bar above Itenbari is worth staying out for. I wonder how late Hooters is open?


Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-7-9
Closest station: Akasaka

Open 11:00-3:40am
Closed Sundays

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