Monday, September 18, 2017

トンコツ&キノコ (Tonkotsu and Mushroom in Kyobashi)

ソラノイロ トンコツ&キノコ


Soranoiro, one of Tokyo's favorite shops, has gone through a few iterations throughout the years. Apart from their steadfast main shop in Kojimachi, long-running stint at the Tokyo Ramen Street, and Nagoya shop, they had a short-lived mushroom-based shop (also in Kojimachi).


Well, their latest brings the mushrooms back.


They have a tonkotsu ramen on the menu, but the uniqueness I was here for was the kinoko no vege, a creamy mushroom soup with vegetable (and some meat) toppings.


Where to start. The soup is creamy and wonderful, brought to life by mixing the mushroom soup with a rich tare made from salt, dried shrimp, and more mushroom. It is topped with some aromatic oil. Yes, mushroom again. And some mushroom toppings.

Oh, and the noodles are made with shiitake mushroom powder.

It's a lot of mushroom.


Bonus! From 6:00pm until 9:00pm, Monday to Friday, you can get an hour of nomihodai for 980 yen. That's less than $10 for all you can drink. For another 980 yen you can get all you can eat gyoza. Wild!

Official site here.


Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Kyobashi 2-2-1
Closest station: Kyobashi

Open 11:00-15:30, 17:00-22:30
Weekends 11:00-20:00

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