Thursday, September 7, 2017

山雄亭 (Sanyutei in Akabane)

赤羽 山雄亭


New ramen shops have been getting more and more kodawari with their shops. Every aspect, from the soup ingredients to the decor is pondered over in great detail. The greasy spoon image of the past isn't being erased in the ramen scene, but these new, fancy shops add to the landscape.


Sanyutei opened in January of 2017, and they take this trend to the max. The shop looks like a high-end sushi restaurant, with wood everywhere and subtle lighting. I didn't take any photos of the interior, so as not to disturb the harmony. But trust me, it's nice.


The only negative with these amazing bowls is the increase in price. The special here tops out at 1400 yen, about double what a bowl would cost you at many other shops in Japan. Personally, I'm fine forking out extra cash when it is worth it.

Sanyutei is worth it. If you disagree, the regular bowl is just 1000 yen. You just won't get all the extra toppings.


The basis of their soup is Satsumajidori, a specialty breed of chicken from Kagoshima Prefecture. Very high quality. One benefit of quality chickens in quality chicken oil. You can tell be the golden layer on top. Heaven.


Yeah, that is a lot of toppings. They pride themselves on all of these, prepping each one in different ways best suited for the individual ingredient.


Each piece is supreme. I especially liked the bamboo shoot here. It is highly seasoned, and much softer than other "standard" menma.


The shio ramen is amazing as well, but go for the shoyu on your first time.


Official site here.


Tokyo, Kita-ku, Akabanenishi 1-4-15
1 minute walk from Akabane Station

Open 11:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00
Sundays 11:00-17:00
Closed Mondays and some Tuesdays