Monday, September 11, 2017

らあめん花月嵐 (Ramen Kagetsu Arashi)



Well, it looks good, but who would eat this bowl?


Yes, that is me. I'm the literal poster-boy for the September, 2017 limited bowl at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi.

Let me explain, in YouTube format.

Kagetsu, apart from their regular menu, does a monthly special bowl. Each month is promoted by someone, usually a TV talent or another ramen shop's chef. Sometimes, though, they let a ramen nerd be the face. And now, I am that face!


You can find me on the ticket machine, on posters, and from what I heard, there is audio in the shops.


This is a cool opportunity for me. This time, I was only asked to come in an taste the already-decided bowl. If it sells well, which I am hoping it does, they may ask me back to work with them in the future. Many ramen nerds who have worked with Kagetsu got to create their own concept. How cool would that be!


But for this month (well, actually three months, as you can slurp it until the end of November) it is the return of Torisoba. The last time Kagetsu had a creamy chicken soup was in 2011.

And now for the elephant in the room. Two elephants actually. Yes, this is a chain shop. Kagetsu has 250 shops around Japan (the overseas ones don't take part in the limited bowls). But, they aren't a budget chain shop. You'll pay a normal price, and get a good bowl. The second issue is that egg. So many YouTube comments dismiss it.

I am on your side. I'm not a fan of any hard boiled egg. But it comes standard.

There is an ajitama, seasoned half-cooked egg, on the menu as an extra topping choice. Go for it.

The best way to find your nearest Kagetsu shop is on their website here:

Or just search for "Ramen Kagetsu Arashi" in your map of choice and you'll see one. Enjoy!