Thursday, September 28, 2017

坂本01 (Sakamoto 01 in Oji)



Some of Japan's best ramen shops are, alas, inconvenient as hell to get to. Newly opened Sakamoto 01 is just on the cusp; a bit far, but not too far.


Head north, then walk south.


These roads are the bloodlines of Tokyo. Packed with traffic going in and out, venturing to neighborhoods with not much more than hastily built five-story cement domiciles.


And the occasional amazing ramen shop. At only 500 yen, this one is an absolute steal. If you think price dictates quality, you are about to be proven wrong.


I splurged on the 900 yen bowl, which includes more than enough hand made wontons.


Fantastic bowl that was almost too big for me to eat (I had eaten another bowl previously). If you can see it, there is a light sprinkle of freshly ground sansho peppercorn on top. It gives the bowl of classic chukasoba a bit of bite, and adds a wonderful aroma.


That beautiful oil on top. Sakamoto-san, the shop's master, also adds a bit of beef fat into the mix.


Probably a spot that will be visited mostly by locals and ramen nerds, but maybe worth it if you are taking a visit to the mostly un-visited north of Tokyo.


Tokyo, Kita-ku, Oji 3-8-6
Closest station: Ojikamiya

Open 11:00-14:30, 17:00-21:00

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