Monday, August 14, 2017

東大 (Todai in Tokushima)



When in Tokushima, eat Tokushima ramen!


Ramen Todai is well known as the most successful Tokushima-style ramen shop in Japan. Not saying the best, by any sense, but with more than a dozen shops, they have certainly succeeded in business.


I hit up the honten, the main shop, before retiring to my (secret) campground for the night.


Creamy pork soup? Check.
Thin noodles? Check.
Stir-fry topping? Check.


And the raw egg that makes Tokushima-style so unique.

The ramen here didn't really strike a nerve with me. While other shops (Inotani being the most famous) command long lines with plenty of ramen nerds making a special journey, Todai is more of a late night, drunken eats kind of place. I was on my motorcycle, so I hadn't had a drop, but I could tell that the heavy soup and kick of garlic would help any theoretical hangover.

By the way, my secret camping spot in Tokushima is along the Komatsukaigan, if you are ever in the area.


Official site here.


Tokushima-ken, Tokushima-shi, Omichi 1-36
Closest station: Tokushima

Open 11:00-4:00am

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