Monday, August 7, 2017

麺や青雲志 (Seiunshi in Mie)



This was it. I was embarking on a huge YouTube project, something I had wanted to do ever since I took control of my own videos. Ramen Riders is a concept where I will visit all 47 prefectures by motorcycle, slurp the best ramen, ride the best roads, and make a rad video about it. The big kick-off was going to be Golden Week, 2017, a week-long holiday when I could spend about 10 days out and about.

First stop, Mie Prefecture.

And I already had a spot picked out to be featured as the best ramen in Mie. That spot is up in Yokkaichi. Hachinoashiha is amazing.

Then, after shooting all the footage I need, I found myself at Seiunshi.


And damn, if this one wasn't one of the best bowls I've had in the entire country.


They are only open four days a week, and only open for a few hours for lunch.


And as such, they were sold out of everything but their limited edition bowl. Guess I'll try that one!


焼鯵正油らぁ麺. Fried mackerel ramen.


Check this place out. What a trip!


So deep and intense. The smoky flavors were enhanced by the frying, reducing the soup into a flavor bomb of ocean umami and dark soy kick.


Of course, at a shop like this, the noodles are made by hand (well, machine). For this one, flat noodles with a higher kansui content than normal to give them a slippery texture.


Thumbs up all around.


Then the master asked me if I was that crazy foreigner who eats all the ramen? Would I sign a plaque for him?

My pleasure.


We got to talking, and as I was one of the last customers of the day, he checked his pots. Actually, he could scrounge together one more bowl of his famous カキ正油らぁ麺, shoyu ramen made with local Mie oysters. It just wouldn't have much in the way of toppings.

Fine by me. Although technically my third bowl of the day (and it was before 2:00pm), this one really hit the spot. I honestly can't say which I liked more. The deep, smoky mackerel or the lighter, umami-rich oyster.

Come early. Eat both.


What an amazing place. Definitely in my Top 10 countryside shops.

If you are wondering, the videos should be out soon. I've been distracted with other creative work, and YouTube took a side to those.


Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Gongenmaecho, Doesanyoneeverreadthis 405-14
8 minute walk from Gongenmae Station

Open 11:00-13:45
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Friday