Thursday, August 31, 2017

つけ麺 道 (Michi in Kameari)

つけ麺 道




I finally made it to what many say is the best tsukemen shop in Japan.


I've been here a few times, but it was always their non-tsukemen shio ramen. It was good, but not something I wanted to trek out for again. So I checked a few sources, checked again, and headed out early to get in line.


Michi opened in 2009, when the master, Nagahama-san, left Honda, a popular shop that has produced many successful successors. Nagahama-san was only 22.


Some ramen nerds scoff at this #1 status, as the shop doesn't make make their own noodles. Regardless, they are solid. That is the only criticism that anyone could make.


The soup, a pork, chicken, and dried seafood blend, is legit. A bit more refined than other shops in this category.


I dig the presentation of the toppings. Separate toppings mean you can really appreciate each bite on it's own level.


Keep in mind that the upper left, at 500 yen, is just noodles and soup. Go for the 800 yen つけ麺, as I did, or the special at 1000 yen if you want those toppings (you do).


Another interesting note is the small bowl of sauce. It changes daily, and makes this shop a repeater. Maybe a bit spicy, maybe a bit sweet.

All in all, a shop you should probably hit up sooner in your ramen adventure than I did.


Tokyo, Katsushika-ku, Kameari 5-28-17
6 minute walk from Kameari Station

Open 11:30-around 7:00pm or whenever the soup runs out
Closed on Monday and Tuesday (when the shop is open as a shio ramen spot)

But I'm not 100% sure about these hours.