Monday, July 24, 2017

春日亭 (Kasugatei in Ikebukuro)

油そば専門店 春日亭 池袋本店


In the world of aburasoba, soupless noodles served with oil and seasoning, Kasugatei is a powerhouse. They boast 12 shops at the time of writing, all of which have a steady following.


As with most aburasoba, topping selection is key. The noodles alone are great, made with 100% Hokkaido flour, but the five base choices are what make the big difference.


English, Chinese, and Korean. No problem!


I went with the recommended 鶏豚, a super thick gravy made form chicken and pork. It was probably soup at one stage, but this sauce is simmered for two days. This is combined with the shop's signature soy sauce tare seasoning for a bit of kick and a bit of cream.


As with ramen in this style, the next step is to mix it up with your choice of condiments.


Vinegar and hot chili oil are the go-to addition that most people add. Raw garlic and mayonnaise are other popular choices, though I am not a fan of either.


Mix, eat, and if you plan on returning, get a stamp on your stamp card. Prizes for regulars range from a free bowl to t-shirts to custom caps. Some of the top tier prizes require a few hundred visits, though there are opportunities for triple points on certain days.


Official site here.


Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 1-5-4
Closest station: Ikebukuro

Open 11:00-23:00
Sundays 11:00-22:00


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Wow. This recipe looks amazing one to try and I hope that having it, we will be able to have something delicious to eat.

SactoMan01 said...

I think abura soba--which started in the 1950's--allowed for a lot more experimentation in the type of toppings. And some of the toppings can be pretty wild, like ajito ism's pretty unusual toppicgs.