Thursday, July 27, 2017

いま村 (Imamura in Sugamo)

麺や いま村


A new shop serving up creamy toripaitan soup? I'm there!


Imamura is located just around the block from Tsuta, the Michelin starred shop in Sugamo. And while Tsuta is in a rather shady neighborhood, across the street from some short-rest love hotels, Imamura is right in the middle of a brothel alley.


Just outside the window is one of the many shops. 3000 yen to enter.


Well, for less than a third of that price, you can get a solid bowl of creamy chicken soup ramen, served with some freshly grilled chicken chashu.  The shop master, Imamura-san, is there shaking noodles, serving soup, and manning the grill.


The bowl here is spiked with niboshi, dried baby sardines that add a smoky kick to the mix, and a lot of umami. 


Awesome egg!

It's a decent bowl on Tokyo's north side. Check it out if you are, ummm, in the neighborhood.


Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Sugamo 1-13-3
Closest station: Sugamo

Open 11:00-23:00
Closed Mondays


Anonymous said...

Are a lot of shops opening in Sugamo/Otsuka area to be close to Tsuta, etc.?
Tim R.

SactoMan01 said...

I really wonder did the owner got a break on rent to open a ramen-ya at this location.