Monday, July 31, 2017

最強ラーメンFes. (2016 Grand Ramen Festival in Machida)


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Anyways, the Grand Tsukemen Fest is now the Grand Ramen Fest, I suppose. A bowl of garlic-spiked tonkotsu ramen by any other name would be just as sweet.


This time, the festival was over six weeks. Each week has ten shops. That's 60 bowls to try! Not only that, but each shop has an ura bowl (裏 = under). You need to eat the regular before you can try these secret bowls. So for the true fanatic, that's 120 bowls to sample.


I'm not about to come out here every week and go crazy (Machida is a bit of a trek for me), but these are the ones we tried. There was also fried rice and gyoza this time around. The gyoza I tried was pretty poor. Stick to the ramen.

I'll shy away from any commentary on the bowls, as this event is in the past now.

Keep an eye on the Ramen Adventures Facebook page for info about the next one. In October, it will be in Shinjuku again, and I'll try to go every week. See you there!













Please see the event page for current information. It looks like they will have an event every March in Machida and every October in Shinjuku, as well as possible pop ups around Japan.


Cicadas said...

I just saw you on WakuWaku. Very inspired with your adventures.

SactoMan01 said...

Actually, Machida isn't that hard to get to--just ride any Odakyu train from Shinjuku that goes down the Odakyu Odawara Line (including the "Romancecar" limited express--they all stop at Machida).

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This looks so yummy but I think this dish is quite sweet type isn't? If it is mild one let me know the recipe too.

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