Monday, May 8, 2017

ソライロ (Sorairo in Kochi Prefecture)



Kochi City in Kochi Prefecture isn't known for the ramen. If you are a real noodle nerd, you'll know that Suzaki City, also in Kochi Prefecture, has a famous style called nabeyaki, but Kochi proper is known for other things.


Namely, tataki. If you ever find yourself here, check out the ひろめ市場, a collection of local restaurants, each serving up all kinds of dishes. You find a communal table, and order from wherever you see fit. Tataki, in particular, is always amazing. Raw fish is seasoned and hot smoked, searing the outsides and keeping the inside fresh. Local katsuo, skipjack tuna, is the norm.

I ate enough for three people. Figured I'd walk around before hitting my hotel room.


Then I ran into some random merry goers.


Then I ran into a ramen shop. Soranoiro? ソラノイロ is one of Tokyo's best shops. But wait!


The choice to use katakana characters to write both of is suspect. Did this Kochi shop steal Japan's best vegan ramen? I sent a message to Miyazaki-san, the owner of the Tokyo shop, to resolve this. He knows about the existence of this shop, but has no idea why they chose a font and name so similar to his. Did they steal his recipe?


No, not at all.


Turns out to be a standard tonkotsu gyokai tsukemen. Right in the middle of the drinky part of town, and open until 5:00am. That should be enough to tell you, this place is a nightcap of fat and cards before heading home. A porky cocktail to soak up the booze.

Standard place, and the only thing non-meat about it was the lemon wedge to squeeze onto the noodles.


Map of 1 Chome-5-1 Ōtesuji, Kōchi-shi, Kōchi-ken 780-0842

Kochi-ken, Kochi-shi, Otesuji 1-5-1
Closest station: Horizume

Open 7:00pm-4:00am