Thursday, March 30, 2017

らーめんとビール (Ramen and Beer in Copenhagen, Denmark)

Mikkeller らーめんとビール


Most beer fans have nothing but praise for Mikkeller, and I am among them. Mikkeller started in Denmark back around 2006 with a unique concept. Instead of operating a main brewery, they would outsource their recipes, with experimental brews being commonplace. They collaborate around the world, and their Tokyo bar was a place of beauty (though it closed down last year due to drama with their partners).


When in Copenhagen, it is almost impossible to find a street without Mikkeller represented in some way or another.

One this street, for example, I passes an artisinal toast shop with a Mikkeller sign in the window before arriving at the Mikkeller ramen shop. Yes, they opened a ramen shop.

And, yes, I went to Copenhagen for a quick food vacation. I was here to visit two shops in particular, Slurp Ramen Joint and Noma. With Copenhagen being very, very cold (minus eight one day), I spent more time inside restaurants than expected. It's easy to blame gluttony on the weather.


At first glance, this is an impressive shop. Knick knacks from old Japan cover the walls, and they even went so far as to import a real Japanese ticket machine. It's just a novelty; print your ticket, and pay at the counter.


Shio, shoyu, and a spicy miso, plus a few seasonal bowls. With temperatures hovering around zero outside (protip: avoid Denmark in January), I went straight for the spicy miso, level two.


And of course, a glass of their "ramen" beer, a light Belgian ale that pairs well with the food.

The ramen here was good. I would slurp this regularly if I chose Copenhagen as my home, though I would not have been happy waiting an hour for it (this was the case when the shop first opened). But on a cold Copenhagen day this was a perfect heat me up and leave me happy lunch.


Official site here.


Griffenfeldsgade 28, 2200 København N, Denmark

Open Sundays 12-8
Monday-Thursday 12-9
Friday and Saturday 12-11