Monday, January 9, 2017

ラーメンJAPAN in びんGO (Ramen Festival in Hiroshima)

ラーメンJAPAN in びんGO


Another week, another random, middle-of-nowhere ramen festival!


Actually, I generally avoid these events, unless people personally invite me and it won't take much time out of my day. This one, in a town you've probably never heard of, Bingo-Honjo, satisfied neither of those criteria.


But it was held in an event hall, and my non-ramen work has me working in event halls. With about 30 minutes of free time, bowls of tasty ramen were definitely on the menu.


Space was allocated for long lines, but we had no problem waltzing up to whatever shop we wanted to try, and getting a bowl.


Most shops were semi-local. The above and below show them from 関西 and 京都, Kansai and Kyoto respectively, which are just far enough away to make them a journey for normal people.


About half the shops were ones that I have sampled in my travels.


HISHIO, a shop I went very far out of my way to try in the past. I recommended this one for a coworker, and she approved.


We chose this toripaitan from キラメキノトリ only on the fact that their logo was cute. Solid bowl though.


Best bowl of the bunch was from らぁーめん京 - Ramen Miyako. A thick chicken broth with globs of back fat and some roasted bamboo shoots. They have a couple shops in Kyoto, and I'm curious to try their ramen at the head shop.


See you again? Not likely. But if I'm working exactly 20 meters away in the future, I'll be sure to stop by.


The event was from November 3rd to 6th, 2016. Maybe their site will be useful for future events. See it here.