Monday, December 26, 2016

東京ラーメンショー2016 (Tokyo Ramen Show 2016)



I didn't even plan on attending the 2016 Tokyo Ramen show this time around. I was busy with other things, and had just finished with the Grand Tsukemen Festival, where I had 38 of the 40 available bowls. I was festivalled-out!


But then the usual suspects, the raota, the ramen nerds, told me to come down.


From ラーメンまこと屋 (Makotoya) in Osaka came this creamy paitan ramen blended with a beef soup. The sweetness from the beef stock was thinned by the thicker soup, if that makes sense. Fantastic.


This one from always-excellent Tomita used 山水地鶏, a brand of chicken considered by many as the best of the best. It was ok, nothing out of this world. Nice to try something different, I guess.

Just two bowls for me this time, and I'm fine with that. One of the ramen otaku there with us has been to every festival in Japan this year, sometimes traveling an entire day just to slurp and return. Good luck hitting 1000 shops this year!


For location and dates, please refer to their official site here.