Thursday, October 20, 2016

友乐达 (Yolota Noodle House in Shanghai)



I'm usually pretty good about keeping up with my backlog of posts, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks! With a few hours layover in Shanghai, I had enough time to meet Michael (site here) for a bowl. Sure, Shanghai has a great number of Japanese ramen shops, but what is something I can't find back home? Shanghai-style noodles?


Not really. This shop is actually Taiwan-style beef noodles. Not that I'm complaining. Shanghai is more known for their dumplings, so I'm happy to slurp at this popular shop.


Very clean, modern, and chic. Yes, this is a shop in one of the city's many new shopping complexes. Yes, I usually avoid this sort of thing. But in an unknown city, with a likely chance of getting lost on the way to a hidden hole-in-the-wall, the fancy department store next to a major station is a good choice.

And now I have a taste for Taiwan, meaning I'll have to make a trip sooner rather than later.


As for these beef noodles, I approve. Solid fare, with a deep, beefy taste to the soup. Very much lacking in the umami department, but that is coming from someone who is invested in that sort of thing.

I would love to hear some of my reader's recommendations for Shanghai. I plan on returning soon for a deeper noodle search.


Site here.

Map of 浦东嘉里城

Go to Longyang Road Station Exit 1. It is in the Kerry Parkside shopping mall.



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Unknown said...

I grew up in Taiwan and I love Taiwanese beef noodle, if you go there you will find so much interesting food at the nightmarket and shops. There's a Taiwanese beef noodle chain 三商巧福 (Sanshoukoufuku) that expanded to Tokyo, but I heard it's not as good as the ones in Taiwan, but I'd be interested to try it out when I visit in Feb.

I plan on eating ramen every day when I'm there.