Thursday, August 18, 2016

むじゃき (Mujaki in Mito, Ibaraki)

麺屋 むじゃき


Mito is a fairly large, fairly famous city a little over an hour outside of Tokyo.


Most people wouldn't give Mito a second thought, but having been here a few times, I can vouch for it as a nice place. The most known part of Mito, and the place that 99% of Tokyoites come here for is the famous garden, which is full of blooming ume plum trees sometime in February or March. The city even opens a special train station for the express train, so you don't need to set foot anywhere besides Kairakuen Garden.

But like I said, Mito is nice. I spent a few days here many, many years ago, hanging out on the banks of their lake, watching the swans (Mito has a large number if black swans), and relaxing.


Like any town in Japan, Mito has a few famous ramen shops. Mujaki draws a line, so try and get there early.


The mujakisoba, a thick chicken soup, is the one to go with. Check the pink row on the ticket machine.


The also offer any menu item with shrimp flavoring, something I'll try if I ever make it back.


Homemade noodles, of course.

Mujaki was tasty, though the 30 minute walk from the station, in the opposite direction of anything Mito has to offer was a bit far. Sure enough, most patrons drive.


Map of 1 Chome-5-31 Higashidai, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken 310-0818

Ibaraki-ken, Mito-shi, Higashidai 1-5-31
Closest station: Mito

Open 11:30-14:30. 18:00-21:00
Closed Wednesdays

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