Thursday, July 7, 2016

Qinghai, Ramen Roots - Part 1: Food



In June of 2016, I was invited as an influencer on a campaign to Qinghai, China. This was to be a paid trip, with expenses and incidentals covered. However, the company that brought me reneged on their agreement, and never paid me for my services. I pursued them, but since they are located in Australia, I really have no legal recourse.

Live and learn. As my ramen site, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms continue to grow, I can expect unique opportunities to arise. I can also expect shady business practices. In Japan, I've had problems with TV crews and media in the past, and every time I am cheated I learn something new.

If you are a fan of my site, please never use the services of Ctrip, China's most popular travel service company, as they were the group to sponsor this trip. The Australian company in question is Eight Dragon Dragons Digital.