Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kumamoto Charity from くじら食堂 x Shibasakitei x Kikuya x Antai Noodles

くじら食堂 x Shibasakitei x Kikuya x Antai Noodles


Japan has had its share of natural disasters in recent years. The most recent was down in Kumamoto, in the southern island of Kyuushu. The 2016 series of earthquakes, which included a magnitude 7.0, have directly affected around 44,000 people in the area.


Charity drives are common in Japan, and ramen shops love to get in on the help. On a warm Saturday back in May, Kuijirashokudo teamed up with a few other spots to do a limited bowl to raise funds for Kumamoto.


Regardless of how good the bowl is, hats off to these guys.


Well, the bowl was pretty amazing. Noodles from Antai Noodles, a shop that is on my hit-list. The soup was rich shoyu.


They made a katsuo jelly that was injected into the egg for maximum umami. Topped with thick roast pork chashu.


Original review of Kujira Shokudo here.

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