Thursday, March 24, 2016

ソラノイロ限定カクテルイベント (Limited Vegan Ramen and Cocktails Event)

PR Bar Tokyo


I got an invite to an interesting event. Craft cocktails and one of the most unique vegan bowls I've ever seen.


This was an event from Morimoto-san, the power behind the ramen girl's group. A bit of a talk, some bowls of ramen, and unique cocktails were the plan. Everything was revolving around Shimane Prefecture, on the other side of Japan.


Morimoto-san was followed by Russian Saito, the competitive eater. Yeah, that petite lady can crush about 10kg of food at once.


Miyazaki-san gave a talk about Shimane. Shimane is probably more remote than Hokkaido, and a lot of nice products are produced there. A lot of rice and tofu, apparently.


Yep, the ramen was an . . . interesting . . . one. It tasted like pure tofu with a seasoned, deep fried rice ball in the middle. Actually, I personally don't eat tofu, so this one was strange for me. Also, the choice to go vegan could have been skipped. Mix this one with a nice niboshi broth and you'd have something you could sell.


But this is a one-off event, so you can't really have expectations of normal. I'd actually prefer something odd for the next event of this nature.


The cocktails were as unique as the ramen.


A shiso and daikon mojito. Not bad.


Info about the PR Bar can be found here.
Satoko's blog can be found here.

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