Monday, February 8, 2016

チョコひつじ (Chocolate Lamb Ramen at MENSHO TOKYO)



It's only a few days until Valentines, and that means chocolate, chocolate, chocolate in Tokyo. For those who don't know what it is like in Japan, the girls buy chocolate for all the guys in their lives, from friends to colleagues to boyfriends. Something got a little lost in translation, and this holiday is all about marketing to the masses, as many holidays are. Regardless of how you feel about the day, it's a big deal to some.


Ramen shops even get in on the fun. This year, at MENSHO TOKYO, they add dark chocolate to a spicy, peppery lamb soup. This is a limited bowl, only available until February 14th. Better act fast!


The soup is inspired by Toyama Black, a style that uses black pepper and dark shoyu to give a noodle-staining color to the soup.


Melt in some chocolate, and top with roasted Iberico pork for an intense dish.


Surprisingly, this one was pretty good. The spices outweigh the chocolate, much the way Mexican mole does.

As always, noodles are way above average at any Mensho shop.


Definitely not something I'd crush every day, but not something I wouldn't crush once in a while.


Head to my original review of  MENSHO TOKYO for shop info.

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Unknown said...

Lamb or iberico pork? Or both?