Monday, January 11, 2016

すずらん (Suzuran in Ebisu)

中華そば すずらん


Wow, it's been many, many years since I went to Suzuran. This is something I need to remedy. Suzuran is one of those shops that never ceases to amaze.


Their menu is deep, with a list of limited bowls that I can't even read. What the heck is 藍貝? Some kind of mussel? Ah, and there's the never-used Chinese character for crab, 蟹. And the last one is razor clam.

So, yeah, their ever-changing limited menu on this day includes four kinds of amazing seasonal seafood dishes.


But we were focusing on pork. By we, I mean AKB48 member Rena Nozawa and myself, filming with #tokyoextra. The shop's shabushabu ramen is topped with, you guessed it, shabu shabu. By the way, the Chinese characters for this dish are 涮肉麺.


The soup is light and aromatic, with plenty of yuzu to keep it fresh. The noodles? Top of the line homemade. Every time I come here I forget how amazing they are. I have a few foodie friends who are high up in the game, and they swear by this shop, making a trek here every time they visit Tokyo.

But how to you make it even better? Get a side of the shop's kakuni, stewed pork. Kakuni is rich and succulent, and Suzuran's melts in your mouth.


The lineup isn't horrible on a weekday, but expect a short wait.


Check out out #tokyoextra video:


Map of 1 Chome-7-12 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0013

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-7-12
Closest station: Ebisu

Open 11:30-15:30, 18:00-23:00
Closed Sundays


佐藤 観 said...

I don't good at English, so I'm helped by google translation.

A French friend called the store to make a reservation. Japanese is difficult language,but he kept trying.
So how did this store respond to his efforts?
The guy in that store hung up unilaterally during the conversation.
Even at fast food restaurants and convenience stores, the staff doesn't do that, but a luxury restaurant that costs $ 30 or $ 40 for a full ramen is doing this. Really a shame in Japan. I apologize deeply as a resident of this country. Damn racist.

(I heard it and I was angry. I wrote to google what the damn store did to my friend.
However, google deleted my review for no reason. )

Ramen Adventures said...

Sorry to hear that. They are a bit famous these days for being expensive.