Monday, January 4, 2016

風来坊 (Furaibo in Fukuoka)



I've said before that, for me, all these Fukuoka-style bowls of tonkotsu ramen are a blur of decentness. Great bowls, but they are hard to stand out. All of my Fukuoka memories, though, are full of happiness; slurping with friends and strangers, kanpais along the canals, and late nights with the crowds. I'm talking about the yatais, portable food carts that have been setting up shop here for years.


The bartender at a nearby craft beer bar suggested Furaibo. He didn't even know the name, though,  his description was to find the one with the white sign, the one on the right-ish side of the row.


Yatai serve all kinds of food and drink. Boiled, fried, and simmered, you're best to just choose one that looks good. Or maybe choose the one with the three friends who are in town for a wedding, their extreme elation was spilling out, and the entire group of diners were following suit.


The ramen here was typical, with that milky soup letting off just a slight tinge of stinkiness.


You sit, you slurp, and you drink. I'd love to be blown away by one of these shops, but I don't think it will happen. The distractions are just to great.


Furaibo is famous for their tebasaki gyoza, chicken wings stuffed with dumpling filling.


You'll see me there every day from now on!


Data for these shops is very hard to come by. It was located in the Tenjin area's yatai row along the canal. Most yatai are open from around 6pm until very early the next morning.

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