Monday, December 28, 2015

紫 くろ㐂 (Murasaki Kuroki in Akihabara)

紫 くろ㐂


Motenashi Kuroki is one of my favorite ramen shops in Japan. The chef, Kuroki-san, is a true master. With a background in gourmet Italian, he has what it takes to cook anything he wants, and cook it well. His focus on ramen had paid off with a shop that has a perpetual lineup.


On Fridays, and only Fridays, the shop transforms from Motenashi Kuroki to Murasaki Kuroki. And the regular shio is replaced by shoyu. Duck shoyu to be exact.


Kamo, or duck, often finds its way into more traditional buckwheat soba dishes. A bowl of kamosoba at an old, countryside soba shop is an amazing thing. The soup has less of an impact, and more of a deepness, serving to highlight the fresh noodles and roasted duck.

The ramen here is a reflection of that dish.


You won't have the initial hit of flavor that most great ramen has. Instead, it's the warmth and smoothness that you notice. Kuroki's noodles are amazing, made in the shop, with a texture that won this bowl one of the highest ranking on any country-wide list of ramen shops. You can choose thin noodles or hand pressed flat noodles. The flat noodles are the way to go.


Expect lines. But what better way to spend your Friday night than hunched over a bowl like this.


Official shop blog here.

Map of 2-15 Kanda Izumichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0024

Tokyo, Shioda-ka, Kandaizumicho 2-15
Closest station: Akihabara

Open 11:30-14:30, 18:00-20:30
Only on Fridays

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