Thursday, November 19, 2015

らーめん大 (Ramen Dai in Sumida)


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Ramen Dai is a chain of Jiro-kei shops that I would probably never have gone to. I tend to avoid chains, and I tend to avoid Jiro-kei. But today was special.

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Ramen 道 is a weekly TV spot I'm part of. Each week, I'm joined by a member of AKB48 on my ramen road. It's goofy fun, airing live on TBS in Japan at about 1am on Sunday, but also broadcast live on YouTube. The show is called Tokyo Extra. Check it out if you can! #tokyoextra

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Hamming it up with Rena Nozawa this time.

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One aspect of Jiro-kei shops is the free vegetable topping. I say vegetable, but in all but a few cases it is just bean sprouts and a couple pieces of cabbage. Once I think I saw a sliver of carrot. You can order a veritable mountain of the stuff.

東京 EXTRA episode.4【RAMEN 道】.mp4_snapshot_01.07_[2015.11.10_11.22.50].jpg

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What did I tell you, a mountain. This is actually the Tower Size bowl. This shop is near Tokyo Sky Tree, the 634 meter tall expression of man's greatness that is next door to the ramen shop. So it makes sense that they would capitalize on this with a massive bowl.

東京 EXTRA episode.4【RAMEN 道】.mp4_snapshot_01.21_[2015.11.10_11.23.27].jpg

Here's a rare glimpse of a bowl without the vegetables. Heavy noodles and a heavy soup. See all that fat in there? It tastes amazing at first, but Jiro-kei can be a rough endeavor. If you want to give this style a try, I'd say check the main Jiro shop in Mita, or go to my favorite Senrigan.

Check out the video here. Please comment and subscribe if you like it. If the TV network sees interest, we may get to film more episodes.

Official site here.

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Map of 1 Chome-13-5 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to 130-0002

東京都墨田区業平 1-13-5
Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Narihira 1-13-5
Closest station: Oshiage

Open 11:30-1:00am

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