Monday, October 26, 2015

高田馬場ラーメン女子大作戦♡ (Takadanobaba Girls Ramen Week)



My first day back in Japan, and I was able to catch the tail-end of the Takadanobaba Girl's Ramen Week. Five lovely ladies collaborated with five awesome shops to make their own creations. Ramen is historically a male-oriented food, but in recent years the ladies have made it hip to slurp.


My timing was bad, and only two shops were open when I went for a late lunch.


First up was Yurimori-san's collaboration with Garasha. I've never been to this toripaitan shop, so I was curious to see what was going on.


The shop's soup was blended with egg whites to make a thick and fluffy base. Topped with some veggies, and served with a side of curry paste. I'll be honest . .  it was unique. Also, I should note, this was the most popular bowl of the event.


Apologies to anyone who wants to go, this event is long over by the time this post goes up. Keep up to date on ramen happenings over at the Ramen Adventure Facebook page.


Next up was a collaboration between Menya So and a girl named Russian Sato (ロシアン佐藤).


It was a slightly spicy mazesoba with the shop's excellent noodles. On the side was a tomato-dill sauce. It was also . . . unique.


Tokyo is full of fun little ramen collaborations and events. Be sure to check out the next Ramen Girl's Club event. If you can read Japanese, Satoko Morimoto's blog (she's the president) can be found here.