Thursday, October 29, 2015

秀ちゃんラーメン (Hide-chan in Akasaka)



When a business meeting in Akasaka ended up at famed Hide-chan, I realized I had never actually written about this shop. I've been to the branch in Hong Kong, and made it to their collaboration with fashion brand Mastermind, but never to the normal shop in Tokyo.


Hide-chan is Hakata through and through. The shop stinks, the bowls are overflowing onto the dish below, and customers are screaming for kaedama every few minutes.


This might be one of the best places to try this style. Ippudo is great, but is a little more refined. Hakatatenjin is great, but a little rougher. My favorite, Tanakashoten, is just too damn far away.


Hide-chan is just right.


Of all the styles of ramen in Japan, I feel like I know very little about Hakata-style. What flavors to look for and appreciate, what kodawari to savor. To me, as long as the odor of boiling pork bones isn't too strong, and the flavor isn't weak, tonkotsu ramen is a winner.


Website here.


Map of 2 Chome-17-58 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 107-0052

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 2-17-58
Closest station: Akasaka

Open 11:30-23:00
Thursday and Friday until 1:00am
Closed weekends and holidays


opiuman said...

Hey Brian, you mean Akasaka right? You mention Asakusa a few times but it's nowhere near that.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks. Even after all these years, I still mistake Akasaka and Asakusa!

Cokie Blaylock said...

I was in Odaiba today and saw that they have a Tanaka Shouten in Diver City

Lone Facet said...

They were so accommodating and I was truly impressed. It is such a comfortable environment. For a buffet, it was delicious food. Alcoholic beverages were also great. Overall, these venues in San Francisco are great, and my favorite venue in the city.