Thursday, August 20, 2015

空 (Sora at Sapporo Airport)

らーめん空 新千歳空港店


Sigh . . .

Every year, I work in Sapporo a few times. And every year, I'm strapped for time. This time around, we caught a bus directly from the airport to the remote wilderness, and caught a bus directly back. No chance for anything. Anything except some ramen at the airport's famous Ramen Dojo.


This counts as the fourth shop, out of eight, that I have made it to. The others, Jirocho, Kaiko, and Ichigen were all serviceable, they just lacked a bit in ambiance. This is, after all, the airport.


On a side note, a few years ago I decided I would probably never go back to Las Vegas. Which is why I took an interest in Sora. Number one in Vegas? Is that even a viable ranking?


Well, if this bowl is any indication, then the bar is set very low in Sin City.


Nothing really stood out in this bowl. I feel like you really need to bring your A game when your miso ramen is one of six or seven other miso ramen shops. You need to bring that miso punch. You need something that stands out.


I'm heading to Sapporo again in a few weeks, on another tight schedule. I'll try, try, try to make it to some better spots. I feel it is a great disservice not to eat amazing miso ramen in Hokkaido.


Located at New Chitose Airport in the Ramen Dojo

Open 10am until 8pm.

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