Thursday, August 13, 2015

ラーメンXかき氷 (Ramen and Shaved Ice)



I was out grabbing the limited chilled noodles at Soranoiro Salt and Mushroom the other day. At least that is the excuse I'm giving!


Sure, their chilled noodle dish was fantastic. Goya, daikon, and a vinegar sesame sauce all came together to help me cool off in the heat.


But the real reason I was here was for the kakigori. Japanese-style shaved ice is amazing. Unlike the stuff you are used to at festivals in America, the stuff in Japan is on another level. Crunchy ice? No way, Japanese-style is finely shaved, akin to fresh powder snow. Sickly sweet syrups? Nope, Japanese-style is usually very lightly sweetened using only fruit, cream, and flavorings like matcha.


And for some reason I can't quite figure out, a few ramen shops are serving up kakigori as part of their summer menus.


Here at Soranoiro, they had Hokkaido strawberry, roasted soybean flour with black sugar, kiwi, and sweetened milk. They had a special Fukushima peach bowl  on this day.

This one was epic. Instead of a regular block of ice, they used milk and fresh cream to make the mountain for snow. It was like eating a cloud. The strawberry matched perfect. Strawberries and cream, Japanese style.

They around only serving this from 1pm to 3pm, and then again from 6pm until around 9pm.


A few other shops do this during the summer. Ones that pop into my mind are Kabo-chan (above) and Neiroya (below). I can't recommend these enough. Come September, expect them to have melted away.


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