Monday, August 3, 2015

伊達屋 (Dateya in Fukushima)



. . . amazing.


That's all I can say about this little shop a dozen or so kilometers from Fukushima Station. You take a tiny train on some private railway that only runs once or twice an hour, walk across the street, and wait in line for an hour.


This is considered the best in Fukushima, and often makes its way into best-of-Japan lists. Chukasoba, some shio ramens, and a couple miso bowls.


The miso was decent, but do yourself a favor and get the shio wantanmen with an extra serving of chashu. The chashu was ridiculous. It just melted off the spoon.


This could possibly be the best shio in Japan in this ramen blogger's opinion. Maybe the soup at somewhere like Motenashi Kuroki is more refined, but those toppings were memorable.


The staff are as local as it gets.


Try your luck at the nearby gochagocha machine. You can win original Fukushima ramen character goods from the 福島ラーメン組.

What a country!


Map of Shimobanshōden-22 Minamisawamata, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken 960-8254, Japan

Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi, Minamisawamata, Shimbobanshoden 22
Closest station: Kamimatsukawa

Open 11:00-14:45, 17:00-19:45
Closed Wednesdays and some Thursdays


quang-tran dao said...

about the chashu, was it a praise or a diss? I don't know if the shashu melting in the spoon is a good thing or a bad thing.

Considering the review being good, i guess it is a praise?

Brian MacDuckston said...

It was very, very good.