Monday, June 22, 2015

鬼金棒の冷やし中華 (Summer Chilled Ramen at Kikanbo)



Summer is upon us, and that means all your favorite shops are doing limited chilled ramen dishes. Called hiyashi in Japanese, you can expect some interesting creations. Chefs really let loose in the hot summer months. Check out a couple of last years offerings here.


Thanks for shouting out my book, Kikanbo!


This year, Kikanbo is doing a spicy avocado bowl. Two of my favorite things!


Wow. You have a cold, creamy soup topped with half an avocado, guacamole spread, nuts, and a drizzle of hot and numbing oils and spices. The avocado kills almost any spice at first, but be careful. A minute or so after slurping and I was feeling the heat.

For a limited time in the summer of 2015.


Original Kikanbo Post Here


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