Thursday, April 23, 2015

不如帰 覇 (Hototogisu Ha in Hatagaya)

中華そば 金色不如帰 覇


You could argue that Hototogisu is the best ramen shop in Tokyo, and though the use of the superlative might be questioned, no one would reject your opinion. You could also argue that their Thursday only, Ura-Hototogisu shop is the best ramen shop in Tokyo. Both are that good.

On Friday, they rest.


Until a couple weeks ago. Hototogisu is now a seven day a week operation, with yet another limited one-day bowl on Fridays.


Hototogisu Ha (覇 means champion) does a beef and miso ramen. In typical kodawari fashion, everything about this one is premium. Two different beef stocks are paired with two different Japanese dashi, making this officially a quadruple soup ramen. The beef is highly ranked (between A3 and A5 grade) wagyu.


Solid. Personally, I prefer the other two Hototogisu offerings over this one, as anything beef tends to be on the sweet side for me. Certainly a close second to Matador, though.


I went with the 1150 yen gyumashi (牛肉増し) version that came with an extra-large helping of beef.


As always, show up at 11:15am or be subject to the possibility of a very long line.



Map of 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2-47-12

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Hatagaya 2-47-12
Closest station: Hatagaya

Open 11:30-15:00, 18:00-21:00
Only on Fridays

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