Monday, April 27, 2015

大ちゃん (Daichan in Kimitsu)



About a month ago, with a TV crew in tow, I showed up at Daichan to disappointment. This is one of those shops. Middle of nowhere, highly ranked, only open for a few hours a day, and often closed well before the posted closing time. Well, the posted closing time of 2:30pm is just a suggestion, as the official time is simple when the soup and pork run out. And on that fateful day, the soup had run out.


So when my English education company sent me to do a children's camp just 20 minutes away, I made sure to return.


The wait was longer than my drive, though a proper drive from central Tokyo would take about an hour and a half to get here. I immediately ordered the chashumen, hoping to dine on copious amounts of fatty roasted pork. In broken English I was told that the pork was almost sold out, and I would have to settle for the regular bowl.


That and an order of the shop's famous gyoza. The gyoza dumplings look to be a huge draw, and you can take massive orders to go. 50 pieces for 2000 yen? That seems ridiculously cheap.


The ramen was exactly what was expected. A heavy, intense pork broth topped with a few pieces of mega-tender chashu that made me wish I had arrived earlier. By the way, the pork was almost out at noon, and the shop had only opened at 11.

A tad on the sweet side of the spectrum, but balanced by the use of extra ground pepper on top.

Chiba has a reputation for gatsuri style ramen, intense flavorful stuff, and Daichan lived up to the hype.


Official Site Here


Map of 千葉県君津市常代5-4-2

Chiba-ken, Kimitsu-shi, Tokoshiro 5-4-2
Closest statrion: Kimitsu, but it is far.

Open 11:00-2:30 (but the soup and pork always runs out earlier)
Closed Thursdays

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