Monday, March 2, 2015

ストライク軒 (Strike-ken in Osaka)



I had four, count em, four days to work in Osaka. And though the work schedule was tough, our hotel was right in the center of town, and this town is ripe with great-looking ramen shops. Time to get to work.


When I rolled into Strike-ken, I silently slipped off my jacket, and just happened to be wearing their uniform. I picked one up when the shop was out at the 2014 Grand Tsukemen Fest. Go Raiders? Go Ramens!


Strike offers two kinds of bowls, the ストレート and the シンカー. The straight is a straight-up old school bowl. I went, this time, with the sinker, a creamy chicken and clam ramen that is smooth and no problem to crush.


If this bowl was any indication of the ramen situation in Osaka, then the Kansai area is lucky indeed. Lucky for us out in Tokyo, Strike seems to have made a lot of friends, and comes out for ramen festivals and collaborations on a regular basis.


To me, Osaka is always over-the-top, and I was worried that the ramen scene would be a bit whack. Sure enough, shops are all trying very hard to impress, but I don't sense any lack of dedication to making great ramen.


In this case, the walls covered with celebrity endorsements is a good thing.



Great shop, easy to find, and the whole vibe is goofy and fun.


They will be at the upcoming Girl's Ramen Festival on March 7th and 8th (2015) in Yokohama, in a collaboration with Hototogisu. Amazing.


Map of 大阪府大阪市北区天神橋5-8-8

Osaka, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Tenjinbashi 5-8-8
Closest station: Tenjinbashi Rokuchome

Open 11:00 - until the soup runs out
Closed Mondays

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