Thursday, March 19, 2015

7.5Hz+ in Osaka

麺屋7.5Hz+ 梅田店


7.5Hz+ is a shop with a few branches in Northern Osaka, all serving an excellent takaida style ramen. Before I continue, I should mention that, while writing this, I am listening to a binaural 7.5htz theta wave meditation audio track. This sort of sound is meant to induce deep levels of relaxation in the subconscious mind.


Takaida ramen (高井田ラーメン) is an Osaka style with a few key characteristics. The noodles are thick and straight. The dashi is made from chicken and konbu kelp. The liberal addition of heavy soy sauce is a must. It sounds very simple, but digging into a bowl of this stuff is a very unique experience.

I should also note that takaida style is meant to be a bit rustic, and emerged as a post-war comfort food in the hustle and bustle of Osaka.


Very comforting indeed. I think the use of this type of noodle, almost like udon, fits amazingly well.


After listening to that audio track for the last 15 minutes, I can actually say that I feel relaxed and content. Though those feelings might stem from reliving my memories of this bowl, spent slurping with my friend Ben, followed by a two hour nap on the bullet train back to Tokyo.

Official Site Here


Map of 大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-2‐2

大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-2‐2 大阪駅前第2ビル地下2階 52-1
Osaka, Kita-ku, Umeda 1-2-2
Closest station: Umeda

Open 11:00-22:00

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