Monday, February 9, 2015

KABOちゃん (Kabochan in Komagome)



We all love Kabo-chan.


He was, like myself, all about ラーメン食べ歩き, the fine art of hitting up as many ramen shops as we can. While English-speakers are few and far between (check out the blogroll on the right to see some), there are plenty of Japanese ramen hunters in Japan. Kabo-chan took it to the next level, and took over a tiny shop that was planning on shutting down. That was a few years ago.


When Kabo-chan made a special limited bowl of miso one winter, fans were delighted. So much so that the one-month special became a permanent menu item.


Flavorful red miso.


Sansho. I am a huge fan of Chinese numbing pepper.


The noodles are under-cooked, then given a a minute more in the boiling soup.


The whole thing is heavily spiced. Almost a curry miso with undertones of Chinese sansho pepper. Very nice.


Seems like Kabo-chan kept another limited item on the menu as well. You can, even in the dead of winter, get a bowl of Japanese-style shaved ice. For me, the miso will do just fine.


Tokyo, Kita-ku, Nishigahara 1-54-1
Closest station: Komagome

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:30-21:00
Closed Wednesdays

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